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Englishstandard operating procedureSOP
French1. instructions permanentes [OTAN];
2. procédures opérationnelles permanentes [Fce];
3. instructions permanentes d'opération [Can.]

2. POP [Fce];
3. IPO [Can.]
Spanishprocedimiento operativo estándar
Russianстандартный порядок действий
Chinese 标准作业程序
إجراءات تشغيل موحدة
Cross-Ref rules of engagement, medical standard operating procedures, mission standard operating procedures; Mission Security Management Standard Operating Procedures; good laboratory practices
Note Eng Term used in a variety of different contexts, including healthcare, aviation, education, industry and military; can be used specifically to refer to detailed, written instructions to achieve uniformity of the performance of a specific function, or more generally to refer to a procedure (or procedures) regularly followed in a given domain.
In the context of the United Nations peace operations, an SOP is a standing instruction, often based on best practice, that provides DPKO staff with guidance on how to implement a specific task, process or activity, or to achieve a desired result. Compliance is expected. SOPs may detail the political and military situation in the area, staff duties, structure of force, the mandate and methods of operations, the rules applicable to the carriage of weapons, the use of force and the states of alert.

In the context of humanitarian demining, instructions which define the preferred or currently established method of conducting an operational task or activity. Their purpose is to promote recognizable and measurable degrees of discipline, uniformity, consistency and commonality within an organization, with the aim of improving operational effectiveness and safety. SOPs should reflect local requirements and circumstances. [International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) definition]

Variant: standing operating procedure (standing operating procedures) -- the US. military sometimes uses "standing" — rather than "standard" — because a military SOP refers to a unit's unique procedures, which are not necessarily standard to another unit. "Standard" could imply that there is one (standard) procedure to be used across all units.

Variant capitalization: Standard Operating Procedure (Standing Operating Procedure)

Often used in the plural: standard operating procedures (SOPs)
Note Frn Dans le contexte du maintien de la paix, directive permanente, souvent fondée sur les meilleures pratiques, qui oriente le personnel du DOMP/DAM dans la manière de mettre en application une tâche, un processus ou des activités spécifiques ou pour atteindre un résultat souhaité. Le personnel et les équipes sur le terrain doit suivre les procédures.

Dans le contexte du déminage humanitaire, procédure qui définit le moyen privilégié ou actuellement établi de réaliser une tâche ou une activité opérationnelle. Elle a pour objet de promouvoir des niveaux de discipline, d’uniformité, de cohérence et d’identité reconnus et mesurables au sein d’une organisation en vue d’accroître l’efficacité et la sécurité opérationnelles. La procédure permanente devrait tenir compte des besoins locaux et des conditions locales.
Note Rus Вариант: типовой порядок действий
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Subject documents, landmines and mine action, peace operations
DBName E/F/S/R/A/C: Glossary on peace operations, 1993-2001