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EnglishInternal Audit DivisionIAD
FrenchDivision de l'audit interne
SpanishDivisión de Auditoría Interna
RussianОтдел внутренней ревизии
Chinese 内部审计司 内审司
شعبة المراجعة الداخلية للحسابات
Cross-Ref Office of Internal Audit
Note Eng Formerly part of the Department of Administration and Management (DAM). The Division was transferred to the Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) upon the establishment of that Office, in 1995.
The Division is responsible for:
    (a) conducting financial, operational and management audits for all UN activities under the administrative responsibility of the Secretary-General;
    (b) providing internal audit services as requested by separately administered funds and programmes;
    (c) conducting audits of programme output delivery as provided for in rule 106.1 (c) of the Regulations and Rules Governing Programme Planning, the Programme Aspects of the Budget, the Monitoring of Implementation and the Methods of Evaluation (ST/SGB/2000/8);
    (d) assessing the effectiveness of internal controls;
    (e) recommending measures to strengthen internal controls, to ensure compliance with legislative mandates, regulations and rules and policies and to enhance economy, efficiency and effectiveness of operations;
    (f) monitoring the implementation of agreed internal audit recommendations and reporting on the status thereof.

In 2006, the Office of Internal Oversight Services organized ifself into divisions: Internal Audit Division I (IAD I); Internal Audit Division II (IAD II); Investigations Division (ID); and Monitoring, Evaluation and Consulting Division (MECD)

Formerly the Audit and Management Consulting Division (AMCD).
Note Frn Autrefois dénommée (jusqu'en 1998) "Division de vérification interne des comptes".

Le BSCI compte, en février 2006, deux divisions: Division I de l'audit interne et Division II de l'audit interne.
Note Rus Входит в Управление служб внутреннего надзора.
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Subject budget and management, organizational structure
Organization DAM, OIOS