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French1. personnel paramédical [gén.];
2. auxiliaire sanitaire [Fce];
3. [parfois] technicien médical d'urgence [ambulances]; aide-infirmier(e) [hôpitaux]
Spanishpersonal paramédico; auxiliar médico
Russian1. санитар; 2. младший медицинский персонал
Chinese 辅助医务人员
مساعد طبي
Cross-Ref first aid
Note Eng In the context of medical support standards for humanitarian demining in particular, paramedics are to receive 1 year of training, as opposed to first aiders who would receive only minimal medical training (about 24 hours), or medical orderlies who would receive 3 to 4 weeks of training. A paramedic is below the level of a nurse (who usually has 2-3 years training)
Note Frn 1. Comprend: Infirmiers soignants, infirmiers de bloc opératoire (panseurs, instrumentistes, etc.), infirmiers anesthésistes, techniciens de laboratoire, préparateurs en pharmacie, prothésistes dentaires, brancardiers, aides-soignants, kinésithérapeutes et rééducateurs, orthoptistes, orthophonistes, ergothérapeutes, manipulateurs en électroradiologie, ,
2. Titulaires du Brevet national des premiers secours ou de l'Attestation de formation aux premiers secours
Note Spn asistente médico, enfermero (a veces) camillero
Note Rus фельдшер
Subject landmines and mine action, health and medicine, peace operations
DBName E/F/S/R/A/C: Glossary on peace operations, 1993-2001