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Englishsexual servitude
Frenchservitude sexuelle
Spanishservidumbre sexual
Russianсексуальное прислужничество
Chinese 性奴役
رق جنسي
Note Eng The condition of a person who provides sexual services and who, because of the use of force or threats, is not free to cease providing sexual services, or is not free to leave the place or area where the person provides sexual services.

In Australia, for example, under the sexual servitude offence, threat is very broadly defined to include a threat of force, a threat to cause a person's deportation or a threat of any other detrimental action unless there are reasonable grounds for the threat of that action in connection with the provision of sexual services by a person. The threat does not necessarily have to be directed towards the victim of the sexual servitude offence; it could be directed towards a third person (such as a family member or friend). To establish the existence of the condition of sexual servitude, the prosecution has only to demonstrate that, because of the use of force or threats, the victim is not free to cease providing sexual services or is not free to leave the place or area where he or she provides sexual services.

N.B.: While the terms sexual slavery and "sexual servitude" are often used with more or less the same intended meaning, technically they do not refer to exactly the same phenomena. Slavery is the condition of a person over whom any or all of the powers attaching to the right of ownership are exercised, including where such a condition results from a debt or contract made by the person. "Slave trading" is defined to include capturing, transporting or disposing of a person with the intention of reducing the person to slavery, as well as purchasing or selling a slave.
Note Frn État d'une personne contrainte à offrir des services à caractère sexuel sous la menace ou l’usage de la force et qui n'est donc pas libre de mettre un terme à cette situation. La forme extrême de cette servitude serait l'esclavage sexuel.
Subject human rights, women