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  • storm surge term
  • storm tide synonym
Definition An onshore rush of water associated with a low pressure weather system, typically a tropical cyclone. Remark
Storm surge is caused primarily by high winds pushing on the ocean's surface. The wind causes the water to pile up higher than the ordinary sea level. Low pressure at the center of a weather system also has a small secondary effect, as can the bathymetry of the body of water. It is this combined effect of low pressure and persistent wind over a shallow water body which is the most common cause of storm surge flooding problems.

Storm surges are particularly damaging when they occur at the time of a high tide, combining the effects of the surge and the tide. This increases the difficulty of predicting the magnitude of a storm surge since it requires weather forecasts to be accurate to within a few hours.

The most extreme storm surge events occur as a result of extreme weather systems, such as tropical cyclones, but storm surges can also be produced by less powerful storms.

Variant: tidal surge
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French Definition Une onde de tempête est le rehaussement du niveau de la mer sur la côte causé par les vents d'une importante dépression qui pousse sur la surface de l'océan ou d'un lac. Remark
Il en résulte un empilement de l'eau.

Spanish Definition

La marejada ciclónica es el aumento anormal de agua generado por una tormenta que rebasa el pronóstico astronómico de la marea. La marea de tormenta es un incremento en el nivel del agua durante una tormenta debido a la combinación de la marejada ciclónica y la marea astronómica.

  • штормовой прилив term
  • ливневая волна synonym

  • 风暴潮 term

  • عرام العواصف term
    Source: A: ATS-UNTERM Project;
الزيادة المؤقتة في ارتفاع البحر في مكان معين من جراء الأحوال الجوية المتطرفة كإنخفاض الضغط الجوي/الرياح العنيفة. ويعرف عرام العواصف بأنه القدر الزائد فور المستوى المتوقع من تغير المد والجزر وحده في ذلك الوقت وفي ذلك المكان. ارتفاع المد بسبب العواصف
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