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English Definition The Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George. Remark
British order of knighthood founded in 1818 by the prince regent, later King George IV, to commemorate the British protectorate over the Ionian islands and Malta, which came under British rule in 1814.

Originally membership was exclusively for the inhabitants of the Ionian islands and Malta, as well as for British citizens who had performed important government services in the Mediterranean area. Since 1879 any citizen of the United Kingdom has been eligible; however, it is an honour conferred mostly on officials in colonial affairs, foreign-service officers and diplomats, and others who have performed important duties in Commonwealth countries. Foreigners can be admitted as "honorary members."

William IV instituted the three classes of knights of the order, which (in descending order of rank) are knight grand cross or dame grand cross (G.C.M.G.), knight commander or dame commander (K.C.M.G. or D.C.M.G., respectively), and companion (C.M.G.). Membership is limited to 120 knights grand cross, 390 knights commanders, and 1,775 companions. Conferment of the two highest classes of the order entails admission into knighthood. The order's officers are prelate, chancellor, secretary, king of arms, registrar, and gentleman usher of the Blue Rod.

The chapel of the order, dedicated in 1906, is in St. Paul's Cathedral, London, and contains the banners and coats of arms of the knights grand cross. The order's badge depicts St. Michael encountering the devil, emblazoned with the order's motto Auspicium melioris aevi ("Augury of a better age"); the other side portrays St. George and the dragon.

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