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English Definition A systematic repsonse to wrongdoing that emphasizes healing the wounds of victims, offenders and communities caused or revealed by crime. Remark
Practices and programmes reflecting restorative purposes will: (1) identify and take steps to repair harm done; (2) involve all stakeholders; (3) transform the traditional relationship between communities and their Governments.

Three principles form the foundation for restorative justice:

(1) Justice requires that we work to restore those who have been injured;

(2) Those most directly involved and affected by crime should have the opportunity to participate fully in the response if they wish;

(3) Government's role is to preserve a just public order, and the community's is to build and maintain a just peace.

Related terms, as defined in the Basic principles on the use of restorative justice programmes in criminal matters:

(1) restorative justice programmes -- any programme that uses restorative processes and seeks to achieve restorative outcomes.

(2) restorative process -- any process in which the victim and the offender, and, where appropriate, any other individuals or community members affected by the crime, participate together actively in the resolution of matters arising from the crime, generally with the help of a facilitator. Restorative processes may include mediation, conciliation, conferencing and sentencing circles.

(3) restorative outcome -- an agreement reached as a result of a restorative process. Restorative outcomes include response and programmes such as reparation, restitution and community service, aimed at meeting the individual and collective needs and responsibilities of the parties and achieving the reintegration of the victim and the offender.

  • justice réparatrice term

  • justicia restaurativa term
Definition Variante: justicia reparadora. Sources:
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  • восстановительное правосудие term
  • восстановительная юстиция synonym
  1. R: ; ; RUTERM (consulted March 2014);

  • 恢复性正义 term

  • العدالة التصالحية term
حسب السياق
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  2. A: ATS Terminology Forum;
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