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  • cybersecurity incident response team title Note: UN spelling
  • computer security incident response team alternate
    Source: weblink (consulted July 2015) handbook (consulted July 2015) A/67/167 Panama (a) p. 12 of E (23 July 2012)
  • cyber security incident response team avoid
    Source: A/68/156/Add.1 background, p. 6 of E text (9 Sep 2013) OAS (consulted July 2015)
  • CSIRT acronym
Description A service organization responsible for receiving, reviewing and responding to computer security incident reports and activity. These services are usually performed for a defined constituency that could be a parent entity such as a corporation, governmental or educational organization; a region or country; a research network; or a paid client.

A CSIRT can be a formalized team or an ad hoc team. A formalized team performs incident response work as its major job function. An ad hoc team is called together during an ongoing computer security incident or to respond to an incident when the need arises.

It has been said that a CSIRT is similar to a fire department. Like such departments, CSIRTs have a number and an e-mail address for help in case of an emergency -- e.g. a computer security incident. And CSIRTs try to prevent emergencies from occurring in the first place, to include by working on security standards.

The Organization of American States has been active in this area.
Seen in phrases: National Cyber Security Incident Response Team (National CSIRT); computer cyber-security incident response team

  • équipe d'intervention en cas d'atteinte à la sécurité informatique title
    Source: FTS & Termino (sept 2014)
Description Traduction descriptive.


  • группа реагирования на инциденты в области кибербезопасности title
  • группа реагирования на инциденты информационной безопасности alternate Note: по аналогии с российской
  • ГРИИБ acronym
  • группа реагирования на инциденты в области компьютерной безопасности avoid

  • 网络安全事件响应小组 title
  • 计算机安全事件响应小组 alternate

  • فريق الاستجابة لحوادث أمن الفضاء الإلكتروني title
    Source: A: TRS & ATS terminologists;
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