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ISO Country alpha-3-code CZE
ISO Currency Code CZK
ISO Country alpha-2-code CZ
Date of Entry in UN 19/01/1993

  • the Czech Republic country
  • Czechia country short Note: Effective date: 17 May 2016; Pronunciation: "CHECK-iya"; not to be used for name plates (long form to be used)
Inhabitant Adjective Czech Capital City Prague Capital Inhabitants Languages Czech Monetary Unit koruna Monetary Unit Plural koruny Currency Designation Czech koruna Currency Symbol CZK Fractional Unit haler(e)

  • la République tchèque country
  • Tchéquie (la) country short
Definition Forme courte devenue "la Tchéquie" en application d'une communication transmise par le Protocole le 17 mai 2016. Inhabitant Tchèque Adjective tchèque Capital City Prague Capital Inhabitants Pragois Languages tchèque Monetary Unit couronne [f.] Monetary Unit Plural couronnes Currency Designation couronne tchèque Currency Symbol CZK Fractional Unit halér(e)

  • la República Checa country
  • Chequia country short Note: Esta forma no se utiliza en la placa que indica donde se ubica la delegación del país en una sala.
DRAE: praguense
Inhabitant Adjective checo Capital City Praga Capital Inhabitants praguense Languages checo Monetary Unit corona [f.] Monetary Unit Plural coronas Currency Designation corona checa Currency Symbol CZK Fractional Unit halér(e)

  • Чешская Республика country
  • Чехия country short Note: Краткое название, действующее с 17 мая 2016 года, согласно письму Постоянного представительства Чешской Республики при ООН.
Inhabitant чех / чешка Adjective чешский Capital City Прага Capital Inhabitants пражцы Languages чешский Monetary Unit крона Monetary Unit Plural кроны Currency Designation чешская крона Currency Symbol CZK Fractional Unit геллер(-ы)

  • 捷克共和国 country
  • 捷克 country short
Definition 全国共划分为14个州级单位,其中包括13个州和首都布拉格市。各州下设市、镇。 Inhabitant 捷克人 Adjective 捷克的 Capital City 布拉格 Capital Inhabitants Languages 捷克语 Monetary Unit 克朗 Monetary Unit Plural Currency Designation 捷克克朗 Currency Symbol CZK Fractional Unit 哈莱士

  • الجمهورية التشيكية country Note: Only the long form is validated by the Arabic Translation service
  • تشيكيا country short Note: As confirmed with Mr. Michael Rose (15 Sep 2016)
Inhabitant تشيكي Adjective تشيكي Capital City براغ Capital Inhabitants Languages التشيكية Monetary Unit كورونا Monetary Unit Plural كورونات Currency Designation كورونا تشيكية Currency Symbol CZK Fractional Unit هالير (هاليرات)
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